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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PAF?

The acronym PAF on the Ğ1.lu website refers to the Participation Aous Freason.

Which payment method is accepted on the Ğ1.lu website?

There is no payment method as such.

Only one PAF (Participation In Costs) is eligible in Ğ1.lu and this one is admissible only in Junes Ğ1 on Ğ1.lu's Caesium account.

Where can I find the Cesium account of Ğ1.lu?

All you have to do is copy and paste the public key of the Ğ1.lu account into the Caesium directory.
Clef Pub : 4kAwyXPzek1Etgv7M791e6DPdQW52QcqfWjzqRKs2Qcp

What guarantees does Ğ1.lu offer?

A 30-day money back guarantee is granted by Ğ1.lu as indicated in the Terms and conditions of general service offers.

How long does it take to complete the services offered by Ğ1.lu?

It all depends on the type of service... for the reservation and start-up of sub-domains it can go very fast once you have transmitted your PAF and the IP address to which you want your subdomain to point to Ğ1.lu. This delay can be of the order of 24 hours the propagation time of DNS but it usually goes much faster.

For all other services, the deadlines are to be discussed together at the time of your request and may vary according to your needs.

What is a DNS server?

The DNS server (Domain Name System) is a service whose main function is to translate a domain name in IP address. In other words, the DNS server is the service that allows you to associate a website (or a computer connected to the Internet or a server) to an IP address.

Where can I find the IP address of my web hosting?

It all depends on your host. In general, you need to connect to your web hosting account (OVH, Gandi, LWS, Infomaniak...) and then look for the "Hosting" and/or "DNS"then locate the address IPv4 type: 178.340.25.10 and theIPv6 of type: 2003:35e0:706::21.

If you are unable to find this information, we can help you directly by phone or video.

Do you offer web hosting services?

Not at the moment, but it could come following the success of Ğ1.lu!

However, we can offer you file storage service and collaborative working tools online via Nextcloud and our partner DNA Life.

What types of training do you offer?

Ğ1.lu can provide SEO training (Natural referencing of website), in website creation on WordPress as well as on the use and management of Social Networks.

More broadly, on demand in the fields of Web marketing.

My questions are not listed, how can I contact you?

Several means are available, either via the contact form aboveor by email à contact@g1.lu, or by phone on 07 56 81 84 78 or via the chat service available on all pages of Ğ1.lu !
It's up to you. 🙂

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Be delighted to use our services which are guaranteed satisfied or reimbursed for 30 days.