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Web project management

Ğ1.lu supports you in the conceptualization, design and management of your web project.
Development and translation of your ideas to adapt them to the digital world, website creation, natural referencing, digital publishing...

Gestion de projet web

Our services

Global management of your web project or specific response.

Responsive Design web creation

Your website will adapt to all screen sizes and will be compatible on all types of devices: computer, tablet and SmartPhone.

Collaborative work and file sharing

Possibility to set up a collaborative workspace, dedicated office tools and file sharing.

Self-hosting with high availability

The Ğ1.lu server is self-hosted and has a fibre connection allowing high availability of the services offered.

Secure web sites and services

Installation of your SSL certificates, firewall settings, anti-spam filters, whois protection.

SEO Internet referencing

Optimization of your website for search engines in order to obtain good results in natural referencing.

SEO audit of your web activity

SEO audit to understand what are the interesting points to work on to improve your current results or to start your activity on the web.

Web and print graphics

Design of logos, visuals for the web as well as formats dedicated to printing such as flyers or large format (4m x 5m).

Digital publishing and editing, eBook, blog

Help in editing and publishing digital content such as creating an eBook or a blog.

Monitoring and statistics of your web project

Audit and monitoring of your web project, production of statistics to understand how users interact with your website.

File storage and application server via Nextcloud

Subdomain Ğ1.lu for your projects within the June community

Secure services, confidentiality on your projects and files preserved

Ğ1.lu also offers various training courses to be autonomous on your web and digital project.

Logo formations WordPress

WordPress training

WordPress is the free software of online content management (CMS) the most used in the world. It is very modularhas numerous functions and can be adapted to any type of activity, including eCommerce with theWooCommerce extension.
By learning to install WordPress as required, to choose a theme install it, configure it, etc. you will be able to create your own website and why not create some for other people...

Formations social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Training

Social networks have invaded our lives and yet it is important these days to talk about your professional or associative activities on these networks because that's where the people are who are looking for what you're offering...
We do not communicate in the same way from one social network to another because they do not have the same users.

You will learn how to use these social networks according to their users and you will also discover the alternatives of "free" social networks existing.

Formations SEO - Référencement naturel de site web

SEO training - Natural referencing

Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in other words the natural referencing of websites in order to place your web project on the first page of search engines.
You will be able to give visibility to your website on the key words and expressions that you will also have learned to determine according to your proposal.

On-demand webmarketing training

Overall, you are submit your training requests in webmarketing and we offer you adequate training within the limits of our personal knowledge...
It can be on a specific software, WordPress, PrestaShop, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver... or any other subject related to webmarketing.

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