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Nextcloud personal space

File storage (Documents, Images, Videos, Music, etc.) aas well as applications dedicated to collaborative work are available through our partner DNA Life.

Your nextcloud space 50 GB or 100 GB

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 cores) 16 Gb RAM - SSD 140 GB - 2 x HDD 2 To

OS Linux 4.19.0-17-amd64 x86_64

Espace privé Nextcloud, stockage de fichiers et applications pour travail collaboratif

Why a Nextcloud personal space ?

Safe from GAFAM

Ğ1.lu's Nextcloud space is located on a self-hosted Linux server which involves a service of VPN Free ARN VPN. (Free internet service provider)
The server is encrypted and so is the data that is hosted on the Nextcloud.
Only you had access to itas well as Ğ1.lu (only for file recovery in case of a problem on the server).
No third party has access to it, not even GAFAM.

Flexible services

The Nextcloud personal spaces are delivered with a application suite dedicated to collaborative work.
Nextcloud has a large library of applications that we can install you on demand, (within reason). Possibility if these are deemed "reliable and compatible" by the community Yunohost (Linux self-hosting system modified into an application server on which Ğ1.lu is based).

Control and backups

Ğ1.lu's server is new and equipped with quality materials.
We regularly monitor the condition of this as well as its availability, the latter being self-hosted. However, we are dependent on the vagaries of our local fiber connection.
We will soon invest in a second secure server which will serve as a real-time mirror backup in order to guarantee access and recovery of your data.

Only Office Nextcloud Ğ1.lu

Only Office

Import, create, edit text documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations.

Pdf viewer Nextcloud Ğ1.lu

Pdf viewer

Import your Pdf documents and read them directly in your personal nextcloud space.

Calendar Nextcloud Ğ1.lu


Manage your calendar within your personal space and synchronize it with your usual calendars.

Client mail Nextcloud Ğ1.lu

Mail client

A mail client is available to manage, send and receive your mails within your personal space.

Talk Nextcloud Ğ1.lu


Chat and collaborate on your files with colleagues and friends with the Talk for Nextcloud app.

Deck Nextcloud Ğ1.lu


Project management and organization of the tasks to be done, realized with a deck of customizable cards.

Forms Nextcloud Ğ1.lu


Create forms, share questionnaires and record responses.

Markdown Nextcloud Ğ1.lu


Format your notes, comments and shared files with markdown.

Maps Nextcloud Ğ1.lu


Create and manage custom maps, geolocation of your events, outings, etc.

Participation Aux Frais (PAF)

Nextcloud space offers

Not sure how much space you need?

Contact Ğ1.lu to discuss your needs. Also, it is possible to train you to use the application server and its storage space.
Use the online chat or contact us via the dedicated page. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Chat support available

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our offers or for technical support on your services.

30 day money back guarantee

Be delighted to use our services which are guaranteed satisfied or reimbursed for 30 days.