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Examples of achievements of yours truly.


Be free to travel with the Ğ1!

A platform of holiday rentals and temporary accommodation listings in free money.
The Airbnjune.org project is supported by the Toulouse association Econolibre.

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Logo Undula Relaxation à St-Jean Toulouse

Undula relaxation

Relaxation stay in a private studio with Sauna and Lucia light

Enjoy a relaxation session with a new concept. Undula welcomes you in a calm and pleasant setting. New concept of relaxation with light, oxygenation, and sauna. The panacea is the synergy of these practices during a 3 hours session in a private place... Services available in Ğ1 on certain days.


Pôle de Ressources et d'Observations des Compétences et Expertises en Sport-Santé

Personal project of yours truly to create a Sport and Health House in order to provide the best possible referral of people with ALD toPersonalized Adapted Physical Activity and also to give them the fitness check-ups.
Coordination of health professionals with those of the sport-healthy.

Logo Maison Sport-Santé IMAGO PROCESS
Logo ADN Life Association Décentralisée Numérique

DNA Life

Digital Decentralized Association

ADN Life is a project of Co-construction of a new status of Digital Decentralised Association.
This one tries to integrate and use as well as possible free tools and softwares such as the Free Money, Nextcloud, Self-Hosting with YunoHost and many others...

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